Cash Teller Machine

Cash Teller Machine


– High speed processing ability, up to 12 notes per second

– Forgotten retraction function, retract the forgotten banknotes

– If the customer cancels the deposit, independent temporary storage mode allows the original currency returned to the customer.

– Self-counting function (all recycling cassettes can be calculated within 30 minutes)

– Double cash-out pocket design allows multiple application modes

– With sorting function

– Large quantity deposit function supports banknote non-stop feeding

– Large quantity withdraw function supports banknote removed in sequence from two pockets

– Up to 17,000 note capacity, with standard 1 retraction cassette, 4 recycling cassettes

– Both retraction and recycling cassette support one or two kinds of denomination

– Open and modular design, easy for maintenance


Complete   Machine
Item Specification
Touch   screen 7” touchscreen
Safe   sensor Door-Heat-opt  Seimic (Optional)
Safe   lock Static password lock, Key lock
PC CPU: Intel i5, J1900/ RAM: 8GB,16GB / HD: SSD, 256GB
Interface: 2*LAN(minimum), 2*USB2.0(minimum), 2*USB 3.0,
3X RS232(optional), 1*VGA, 1*DVI, 1*HDMI, 2*AUDIO, 2*PS2
4G  (Optional)
Indicator Dual indicators on both left side and right side
Adjustable   feet Optional
Safe   stanard UL291
Maintenance   direction Front, upper
Cover Metal cover
Item   Specification
Cash   Size Length120-180mm  Width:60-85mm
Speed   Deposit:≥12/S   Withdraw:≥12/S
Cash-in   Slot Capacity With shutter≥300 circulating notes (Equal   to 600PCS new notes with thickness of 0.11mm)
Without  Shutter≥500 circulating notes (Equal to 1100PCS new notes with thickness of  0.11mm)
Cash-out   Slot Capacity ≥300 circulating notes(Equal to 600PCS new notes with thickness of 0.11mm)
Escrow ≥300 circulating notes (Equal to 600PCS new notes with thickness of 0.11mm)
Cassette   Capacity Single   denomination recycling cassette, acceptance cassette: ≥3400 new notes   (thickness:0.11mm)
Dual denomination recycling cassette: Cassette1 ≥1800 new notes(thickness:0.11mm)
Cassette2 ≥450 new notes (thickness:0.11mm)
Cassette  1 acceptance cassette, 4 recycling cassettes
Reliability Lifetime: 10 years
MTBF ≥6000 hours
MCBF(Withdraw) ≥20000   tractions
MCBF(Deposit) ≥10000 tractions
MTTR≤30 minutes
Environment Operation: 0°C~45°C,20%~90% RH(40°C)
Storage: -40°C~55°C,20%~93% RH(40°C)



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