Máy đếm & Phân loại tiền thông minh 4+1

Máy đếm & Phân loại tiền thông minh 4+1


DP-8510 4+1 high – efficiency banknote sorter


● Supports fitness sorting, denomination sorting, face/orientation sorting, version sorting, etc.

● Fitness sorting: Mutilation, De-inked banknotes, Folded corners, Holes, Soil, Stains, Tape, Tears, Washed banknotes, Repairs.

● Serial number reading and records.

● Big display, friendly user interface.

● Can extend to 8+1 pockets, 12+1 pockets, more efficient use.

● Windows operation system, providing software interfaces to facilitate the subsequent developments at client side.

● Access to note transport


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