Máy đếm & Phân loại tiền thông minh 2+1

Máy đếm & Phân loại tiền thông minh 2+1


– Dual Premium CIS

– Serial Number comparison/matching

Easy maintain & Update:

– Module design and easy to maintain

– Easy to update software on site/on line


– Bank

– Cash Center

– CIT(Cash In Transit)

– Casino

– Retail market


Item Specifications
Currencies Support: USD, EURO, GBP, CNY, RUB, INR: ZAR, AUD, IRR, PKR
Available to extend other currencies
Hopper   Capacity 500pcs
Stacker   Capacity 1*200pcs
Reject   Stacker Capacity 1*100pcs
Speed 900pcs/min.
Sorting   Technology Sorting by Soiled, Tape, Graffiti, Stain, Hole: Tear, Deink, WM, Miss Corner, Miss Edge: Dog-ear, Double Notes with multi-sorting setting
Enquiry Serial Number, Data Analysis, Log, Statistical Report
External   Device Support Printer and User Display
Power 100~240V±10%,   50/60HZ
Communication   Interface Host: 2*USB
Device: 1*USB
1*Serial Port
1*Lan Ethernet port
Update On site update( off-line ), online update
Dimensions 315(W)x340(D)x320(H)mm
Weight Approx. 15.6kg
Certification ISO, CQC, CE, CB, FCC



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