Mini-Cash Recycler (At point of sale/cashier)

Mini-Cash Recycler (At point of sale/cashier)

Easier Shift Change

End of Shift process no longer requires counting of till or creating a drop envelope (typically a 15 minute process)

Cash Accessibility

Change can be acquired by the cashiers at any time from the machine (in the past limited General Cashier change times were available)

Automated Change Due Back

Eliminated manual change due backs from the cash process

Save Cost

Courier fees for envelope verification have been eliminated while House Float will be reduced.

Improve Cash Accountability

Cash accountability would be enhanced with next day automated cash journals and electronic reporting for all cash transactions.

Automated & Traceable Workflow

Over/Short reporting and Notifications would be automated via workflow.


Mode Setting ① Only Deposit

② Only Dispense

③ Recycling

Deposit Mixed Denomination Inlet Support
Inlet Capacity ≥50Banknotes(Default)(Banknotes in circulation)
Speed of Cash in ≧5Banknotes/s (Based on USD)
Dispense Outlet Capacity ≥20Banknotes (Banknotes in circulation)
Speed of Cash out ≧4Banknotes/s (Based on USD)
Counterfeit Banknote Processing 1. Stored to Recycle module; 2. Rejected to Outlet
Type of Recycle Module 1 Module @ 2 Drums
Q’ty of Recycle Module 2 Modules (Default)
3 Modules (Optional)
Capacity of Recycle Module Drum#1: ≥60 Banknotes (Banknotes in circulation)
Drum#2: ≥60 Banknotes (Banknotes in circulation)
Collection Cassette Capacity ≥2000Banknotes (Banknotes in circulation)
Loading Cassette Capacity ≥500Banknotes (New Banknotes)
Recognition Counterfeit Detection, Serial Number Reading (OCR)
Communication 1*USB
Currency USD, EUR, GBP etc.
Safe 8mm Strong Box, UL291 24h, CEN IV


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